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Month: August 2018

My Haraya Journey

My journey with Haraya is one for the books. I landed into it at the time when I was in transition and I was waiting for a leading from God on what direction to take. My initial plan was to work abroad, in Korea particularly. I already finished a short-course in Korean Language at that time and I was just waiting for a schedule of examination from an organization.

My former manager called me up and asked me if I wanted to try it out first while waiting for a job offer and I just showed up and said “Yes.” And the rest is history. I’ve been here since then, loving it more everyday.

Working with Haraya has been transformational. Coaching helped me a lot to get out of my comfort zone. It gave me clarity on my purpose and mission in life. And you really need a Coach, a Transformative one, to draw it out from you, which then inspires you to make an action. It will lead you into a vulnerable space, yes but when it does, it will open your mind to a possibility which you may think seems impossible.

And that’s what Transformative Coaching did to me. I became attuned to being who I am, what I really want and what makes it so important for me. And it gave me confidence that I can do it.

Looking back, I can’t just imagine that I’d be here now. Being in the space of discomfort zone is not so bad after all. It gives you excitement and at the same time scares you. And that what makes me come alive.

I am just blessed and grateful to God that He provided me “Haraya Coaching” which is significantly valuable in my being and very transformative too. Truly truly I say to you, He will use people for you to be equipped and add more value into what you’re doing in advancing His Kingdom.

Indeed God’s plans are better than ours. It says in Isaiah 55:8, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.”

And wherever God is leading you to, you just have to show up and be available. Because you don’t know how He can bring you to a place where He will use you effectively.

Just want to end this with a song in Frozen sang by Anna, that stuck in my head as I was writing this blog. It reminded me of how transformative Coaches like Cecilia, Jackie, Lea & Tj open one’s mind of unlimited possibilities and help you believe in your potential to reach for my unimaginable. ™

Just want to honor them right now, I speak blessings and more blessings upon their life and that they may be able to bless others more with their gifts and talent.  God bless you more guys!

For the First time in Forever

♬♬♬ Sure you can, I know you can! ‘Cause for the first time in forever you don’t have to be afraid, we can work this out together, we’ll reverse this storm you’ve made. Don’t panic! We’ll make the sun shine briiiiiight! We can face this thing together, we can face this thing together, we can face this thing together…..and everything will be all right!!!” ♬♬♬

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