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Hi!   I'm Cecilia
“To feel true connection and aliveness we need to grow our ability to “hold space” for ourselves and others”.

I am a safe and contagious presence that supports the connection, liberation and aliveness of myself and others.

I love it when I am given the precious honor to witness someone in their current state, the mess, the challenges, the courage, the acceptance and the power that unfolds right in front of me in a coaching conversation. It is often this powerful and real experience of seeing ourselves and being SEEN and HEARD in our vulnerability that creates an opportunity to unlock courageous actions towards a more liberated and fully self-expressed life. I get goosebumps, and excited at the thought of what is available for my clients in that very moment and where they are going next! And if they love and accept themselves a little more in the process, both the dark and the light, that is what gives me immense joy. That is true liberation. I can’t wait to journey with you!

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Coach Profile

Cecilia is one of the Managing Partners of Haraya Coaching and works as a Life and Leadership Coach with a variety of clients. She is Director of Training for Coach Masters Academy (CMA) in the Philippines and is currently the Internal Coach for Canva Solutions Inc. in Manila. Next to her coaching practice she manages a garments company with her sister.

Knowing what it feels like to put your aliveness on “pause” and be stifled by fear has made Cecilia fiercely dedicated to support people break through their masks and barriers and reclaim their power and wholeness. It has drawn her to courage, shame and vulnerability work and she is currently a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator-Candidate of The Daring Way™, a highly experiential methodology based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown.

As a Somatic Soul Coach, Cecilia incorporates body-centered coaching techniques to help clients work through their emotions and access body wisdom. She has the ability to hone in on what really matters and open the mind to clarity and possibility in a trusting and encouraging manner.


As a Certified Coach, Cecilia works with individuals and teams, supporting them in achieving their transformation goals through coaching and training. Cecilia works with a wide range of clients from teenagers to senior leaders. She also works for the Humanitarian Coaching Network (HCN) coaching staff from various United Nations (UN) organizations and is a coach for UK-based organization, Coaching on Call, partnering virtually with female leaders in the hotel industry.

Cecilia has partnered with clients such as Ford Academy, Medchoice Pharma Inc., Lucerne Group (Pandora), Mañosa Properties, Generika, SunLife Financial, Globe Telecom, Yellow Cab and many other SME’s. In addition to her corporate clients, Cecilia has a roster of life coaching clients.

Education and Certifications
  • Master Certified Coach (CMC) - Coach Masters Academy (CMA)
  • ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC)
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) – Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
  • Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator-Candidate of The Daring Way™
  • Certified Practitioner L2 - Points of You Academy
  • Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance Facilitator (SSOP) – People Acuity
  • Strengths Strategies Certified Specialist (SSCS) – People Acuity
  • Certified Somatic Soul Coach
  • Certified MBTI Step I and Step II Administrator
  • Certified Reiss Profile® Master
  • Certified Blue Belt Nia Teacher
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