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Every day, we make decisions. They may be big ones such as what course to take, what career to pursue, what friends to keep, or where to live. Many other decisions seem much smaller like where to eat, what clothes to wear or which friends to have coffee with. Whether big or small, all these decisions have an impact on our lives. We may not see the immediate effects they all have, but they certainly add up to where we find ourselves today. The key is to be more purposeful in making every decision we take, so we have better control over the effect it has on our lives in the short or long term. More importantly, it helps us to leave our mark in this world in a way that is most meaningful.

We created this coaching program to help individuals design their lives, evaluate how they are living today, and to map out a plan of action that keeps them heading in the right direction. It isn’t easy to be thinking about all these things and we may wonder where to start, what areas to focus on, and how to implement what we plan.

That is why we believe working with a Coach is a great resource for any individual to have. A Coach can help draw out what’s most meaningful to you, focus on the most critical changes that need to happen and deliver the most valuable outcomes. By partnering with a Coach, a Client will have access to a custom-designed program created specifically for them.

“Banyuhay” is a Filipino word combining the words “bagong anyo ng buhay” and translates to English as metamorphosis. This program was created with a framework and a process where this transformation work will be experienced. We want to help individuals become the best version of themselves, and at the same time enjoy the learning process with a partner they trust.

Our co-creative approach includes 3 Phases

Collaborative Conversations
Envisioning Target Outcomes


Development of Standards & Process
Workshop Design


Workshop Facilitation
Learning Sessions
Knowledge and Technology Transfer
Group or Individual Coaching