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How learning about my brain helped me cope with the Covid pandemic

Years from now, when we look back at our Covid experience and tell the stories to our grandkids, mine will definitely include this one. My journey through the pandemic ran in parallel to my learning journey of Neuro-Transformational Coaching, and I’m certain that this course saved me in many ways.

I had already registered to attend the face-to-face course in Singapore scheduled in March 2020, which is exactly when the world got locked down. The program leaders were quick to pivot and offered the online option soon after. I hesitated at first because I thought it would be better for me to wait for the next face to face offering instead. I knew my learning style would be better off with a live class than online. But after careful thought and still with a lot of apprehension, I decided to take the leap and joined the Azalea pod. In hindsight, this was probably the best gift I could give myself at a time when there were so many reasons to feel hopeless and helpless.

Not only did I learn how to support my coaching clients by understanding the brain-science behind the work I do, I also learned about how my own brain was operating and why I was experiencing this pandemic in the way I was. I felt supported by a wonderful group of women who were learning with me and experiencing this global crisis in their own ways, and holding such a compassionate space for each other as we were telling our stories. I learned from each of them by watching them coach, hearing their thoughts, and being inspired by their generosity.

Today I received my certification telling me that I’m an official Neuro-Transformational Coach, which also means for me that I am a pandemic thriver!

Thank you, Ann, Ursula and the beautiful Azalea souls for walking with me in the past year. You earned a very special place in my heart!