How to Manage Stress during the Coronavirus Pandemic

It has been months since our normal routine took a sudden change all because of an unseen enemy. Coronavirus has affected all the lives of everyone who are constantly striving themselves in their everyday work – that leads them to anxiety, confusion and negativity.

For someone who’s doing the same routine before the pandemic starts, it’s a lot to take in and accept the fact that we are now moving in slow phase and living the new normal as positively looking as possible.

Now that we are bringing the office problems at our homes, learn how to balance taking the stress of both work and home problems. Keep in mind that everyone has their different ways of coping up and we must respect them.

In this blog, we laid out some tips that you can apply. Might work on your but not on some. But it’s better to try than doing nothing.

Be dressed like going to work

Working in pajamas really makes your day comfy and less time to prepare but you should not take it in your way to work, or I should say on your way to your home desk. Try dressing up like you’re going to work – means that you’re signaling your mind and body that they need to shift to work mode. Who knows, it’s the opportunity to wear your clothes you haven’t worn for months’ time.

Reduce your distractions

Just like at the office set-up, have your phones set aside when working at home. As much as possible put your phone on airplane mode to avoid notifications from your apps. And speaking of apps, try removing some that took so much of your phone memory space.

Another way to reduce distractions is to avoid working in front of a television as this can be an essential part of reducing stress. A tip from us, you can listen to music while working as this will help your mind to focus on your daily tasks – but make sure those songs are suitable to your eardrums.

Provide scheduled breaks

Of course, you don’t have to face your screen for eight hours straight. For health reasons, your eyes should take a break once in a while. Setting an alarm for breaks would be best not only for your eyes but also for your body. Have some stretches and get some fresh air during your breaks.

You can plan from mini breaks to longer hours. Because you’re only at home, walking away from work actually increases productivity, as long as you don’t linger too much and back again.

Attend training sessions

Attending training sessions even in video set up can also enhance your skills and master your field in the long run. By working smarter, you get to refresh your memory and skills to be able to become an expert on what you want to be.

Just like our training sessions at Haraya Coaching, we provide full support and full knowledge to teach to become well aware and be an advocate of self-awareness. Cariz Peregrino says “Haraya sessions were a breath of fresh air. While the sessions comprise just a small percentage of our whole onboarding process, these were matters that gave value to the often-overlooked aspects of one’s self. These were essential in promoting the welfare of our volunteers.”

Prioritize sleep

No doubt, sleep is very important. You may be working from home and self-isolation and might stay up late for binge-watching, but proper sleep is a must. A good hygiene sleep consists of a minimum of eight hours per night. Part of time management if dedicating some time for sleep as it readies your mind and body to perform well the next day.

Don’t forget to reward yourself

Surviving this long in a time of pandemic is actually a reward in itself. You surpass all the stress and anxiety while keeping your distance and resisting temptations to enjoy the outside environment. In terms of working from home, you can have mini rewards for having a good job doing the tasks on time as it serves a big motivation to work harder and smarter.

You can also treat yourself to some sweets and watching your favorite show, but not binge-watching. At this time, you should adapt to your everyday routine and navigate your movements as easy as you can be. Reward yourself once in a while.

In this time of pandemic and endless what ifs, it’s difficult to turn to someone for frustrations and words of advice. We draw strength to someone who will listen and accept your flaws and all. We at Haraya Coaching, we are here to be leaned on for your setbacks and guide your bounce back feeling good, resilient, and healthy. We are here to cope up with your surroundings and our surroundings. Want your thoughts to be heard? Write to us at or visit us at

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