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Just Trust in What You Know

I had always wondered if I could start a business of my own and never really felt quite ready to do it. My career was mainly in the field of HR and I knew that running a business was much, much more than that. The only way I could find out if I was ready was to just jump and try it.

I mustered up all the courage I could find in my gut and had a serious talk with my boss and asked for an assignment to lead a project that would implement a new channel for our business. I had no experience but I knew I felt passionate about the project and had good management skills and that’s what I told him. “I had nothing to lose by asking,” I thought. I was shocked when he said “YES”. I was scared to death too. “What would I do now?,” “Where would I start?,” “Can I really do it?.” All these questions kept racing through my head. Then I remembered a piece of advice from a long-time friend and mentor who said, “just trust in what you know”. I did just that, went through a year of good and not so good times with my project, which was launched as planned.

The whole experience has taught me so much about myself and has somehow prepared me to have enough courage to try it out on my own now. I still don’t know enough and continue to learn everyday, but if I didn’t take that one bold step of asking the question, I wouldn’t know nearly as much as I do now.