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Kinaiya: Leadership Development Coaching

Through our leadership development programs at Haraya Coaching, we’ve worked with leaders from various levels, from CEO’s and business owners to first line supervisors. We observed that, regardless of level, they have common challenges that seem to get in the way of their best performance. In most cases they know what they want to achieve. They set their targets, have big goals and even know what milestones are needed to reach their desired state. Yet, there are still questions in their minds. The questions we hear more often can be categorized into: questions about themselves and questions about their team. Here’s what we hear:

  • Questions about the self
    • Am I the right leader for this team?
    • Do I have what it takes to lead this team?
  • Questions about the team
    • How do I get my team on board and aligned?
    • How do I keep my team members motivated to perform at their best?

Hearing these questions prompted us to reflect on how we can continue to enhance our leadership development program in a way that supports these leaders in their pursuit of their answers.
As Coaches, our strength is in asking questions, so we started by putting together these questions to help leaders begin to reflect on what needs their attention. The questions have been categorized into the four themes that we’ve found to be the most helpful so far in our coaching practice.
If you are a leader, we highly encourage you to reflect on these:

  • Questions about Cognizance
    • How aware are you of your style and the impact of that style to others?
    • How aware are you of your team members’ styles and preferred ways of working?
    • What are your team members’ values and how do they align with the organization’s?
    • What strengths do your team members have that you can leverage?
  • Questions about Cause
    • How clear is your leadership purpose?
    • What impact do you want to create as a leader?
    • How clear is the team’s bigger purpose and are all team members aligned?
  • Questions about Courage
    • How much do you speak the truth without apprehension?
    • How safe do your team members feel to speak their mind without fear or apprehension?
  • Questions about Care
    • How well are you keeping yourself balanced?
    • How are you helping your team members stay well?

Of course it doesn’t end with just having the answers to these questions. Leaders must continuously find ways to enhance their use of these four practices. Having a Coach helps to drive accountability and focus on what needs attention. If you are a leader and you would like to enhance your ability to practice these, let us know and we can talk about how our leadership development program will support you.