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Merry Christmas from Haraya Family to yours!

Before we write off 2020 …

What a ride we’ve had in 2020! No one was exempt from its craziness and I know many are just so relieved that it’s finally over and eager to start anew. I, for one, had such high hopes for this year that quickly took a downturn in the first few weeks. Our Haraya team had just completed our strategic planning session and everyone was just so eager to get the year going. This was supposed to be a banner year for us. We had a great plan, a capable team and we were energized by the possibilities! Before we could even find our bearings, Taal had erupted and the next thing we knew we were locked down in our respective homes, scrambling to find a way to run everything virtually.  I clearly recall my own struggle in those first few weeks of March. I found myself almost catatonic, feeling helpless, lost and scared. There was so much uncertainty with no end in sight and no clear timeline that we had little choice than to take it day by day, week by week. On some days, I had to take it hour by hour. Wow! What a ride indeed!

Fast forward to today. I’m looking back and feeling so much warmth and gratitude towards 2020. The words that come to mind in my reflection are: RESET, PIVOTAL, GROUNDING, INTROSPECTION, FAMILY, and LOVE. Not the words I would have used to describe anything back in March, that’s for sure!

What happened between March and December? How did I get to this place of thankfulness despite the roller coaster of a year we’ve had?

It helps that I work with an amazing team. Together, we focused our attention on what really matters and drew from our collective strengths. We asked thoughtful questions and had many conversations with you – our dear friends, clients, partners and coaches. You shared with us your challenges, thoughts, and feelings and told us how you wanted to be supported. So we listened and created with you, not for you.

2020 gave birth to a number of coaching programs that were designed to support you in a way that was most meaningful:

  • Unang Tugon – a first response coaching support for those with an immediate need
  • Ka-malayan – partnering to create awareness of what is happening in your team
  • Ka-lingap – partnering for your complete well-being and brain health
  • Sibol – our community development work supporting educators throughout the country
  • Ka-lunsad – partnering to launch the business you’ve been dreaming about
  • Banyuhayan – partnering to create a new and meaningful life
  • Kina-iya – helping leaders become their best selves while engaging their teams

Just reflecting on all these programs is making me teary-eyed. I would never have guessed that we would end the year with such clarity about who we are as a company and how we want to help. Because we listened, first and foremost, we’ve been the most creative. Haraya is definitely ending 2020 as a banner year, and that is because you’ve helped us to make it so!

Personally, I’ve developed awareness and practiced a side of my brain that I haven’t tapped so much before. I gained new opportunities to support this community that I love so dearly and my family has grown together in many ways.

As we celebrate the Holiday season the new normal way, take a moment aside to reflect. Keep in mind the true meaning of the holiday and celebrate God’s incredible act of love and gratitude.

There’s no way I’m writing off 2020! If anything, it’s been a source of purpose and clarity for me. What about you? What gifts did 2020 bring you?



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