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Take Responsibility for the Energy you Bring into the Space!

I’ve always been someone that has been sensitive to sensing the “space” – quite an elusive concept to me until a few years ago when I was able to put words to it while learning about “the Space” concept at a leadership course. It finally made sense… Sensitivity to the space doesn’t mean I always get it “right”, not at all, it just means I am tuned in or conscious that there is “something” whether I understand it or not…

Space, Environment, Mood, “The stuff not being said”…. Whatever you want to call it. I guess in a nutshell, the energy you sense in a room, between people, around you… You know, that feeling when you walk into a party or a dinner and there is just a “vibe or sense” present. Hmm, now even putting words to it, still all sounds a little intangible (!)… But you get the gist…

I was talking about this recently with some fellow coaches. As a Coach in partnership with a Client, you have to take responsibility for the energy you bring into the space; the space that is co-created between you and your client is impacted by the energy you bring into it. It will influence whether the client will open up, feels comfortable, is authentic and will go the distance.

Increased awareness of your default mode or of what your impact is will help you understand whether to switch or change the energy you are bringing or needing in the coaching space. For example, at the beginning you want to connect and make your client feel safe to be authentically himself or herself and express what they need to express therefore the energy needed in the space could be that of trust, honesty and nurturing. However further down the line in the coaching relationship you may need to create a more courageous or confrontational energy and therefore tapping into a more courageous and fierce part of yourself and bring in that energy for your client. For Coaches this is a required skill, being in tune with “the space” and being fully present at any given time with your client.

This is the same in any type of relationship or encounter… Whatever energy you bring into that space will be that of which the relationship or the dynamic will be made off or from which you create your relationship. Unfortunately, at times, my own self-judgment, fear, discomfort and even resorting to judging others (I hate to say it!) cloud my ability to read and sense the space or may result in NOT having the impact I would like to make in the space. I am no longer grounded and I loose my ability to create the presence and connection I want.

Awareness of your energy and your ability to tap into your range in addition to sensing what is needed in the space will help you build your “space impact” super power!