Through the Eyes of a Haraya Partner: iManila Digital Marketing Agency

The pandemic that took the entire world by storm has led many companies, including ourselves, to finally look into digital not just for our coaching sessions but in the ways we expanded our client base versus relying on traditional word-of-mouth. 

One such company that helped us on our journey to digital is iManila, a full service website development and digital marketing agency in the Philippines with over 24 years of helping once-traditional companies like Haraya to move online. 

Although it seems that iManila’s services are on point during the pandemic and even though they call themselves fortunate to have been able to move their operations online and work throughout the pandemic, it was inevitable for many employees, including the top management, to feel difficulties in adjusting to life at home as well as the struggles of managing work life and personal life in their own individual spaces. 

Given these challenges, the Haraya team proposed to conduct a Ka-Lingap Program that they felt would help give everyone from iManila gain confidence, self-purpose, empathy and to reach their full potential despite the pandemic. 

We at Haraya, take pride in designing and providing relevant programs best suited for a diverse set of people, at every phase of their transformation – from sustainable learning programs, robust leadership development practices to team and culture dynamics approaches. Let us walk you through what transpired during our Ka-Lingap Teambuilding session.

We asked Mr. Robert Deluria, President and CEO of iManila on his personal experience on the session he said that, “It was perfect timing, with all the positive impact on my personal life and that of the management team it was decided that we will also cascade the benefits of the Haraya “way” to the other people in iManila. This is where the Ka-Lingap program came into the picture. This program was meant to allow the other members of iManila to benefit and be able to not only survive the pandemic but to “grow” in the new normal. This is especially meaningful to me since this allowed me to personally connect with members of the team during the sessions. To hear them and share with them. To be “normal” again even for just a few hours. I just hope that everyone who joined was improved by the experience as I had been.

Personally, the coaching sessions with my Life Coaches Jackie and TJ helped me handle the stressful situation during the pandemic. The sessions allowed me to answer questions that were bothering me especially about the future of the company and how to plan for the uncertain future. I realized that although I may not be able to control what is happening around me and the future, I was still in control of myself and how I act towards the stressful environment. I was able to make “baby steps” in the right direction and eventually regain focus on moving forward. I was also able to challenge myself to have a healthy lifestyle and consistently nurture my mind, body and spirit to be strong and resilient. I was able to do a routine of prayer, exercise, learning, working and living life to the fullest every day.

In the end, I am very thankful to the Haraya team for all their patience and expertise in helping iManila through these uncertain times.”

The whole iManila team had an interesting time throughout all of the sessions. During each of the sessions, the team talked about their struggles and how each has been able to adapt to change. Members of the team shared their individual experiences and were able to connect to each other after months of being isolated at their own homes. 

“It’s a wonderful experience to know the habits for the agile brain. It’s also a revalidation of what area I should improve and work on. Also it’s a review for me on how I should face this pandemic period and also be on a right mindset and attitude towards it.”, shared by Mr. Arnold Del Mundo, Sr. Manager for Finance and Admin.

“Although we are in the same storm, our experiences vary. How we go through the storm depends on our inner strength – be it faith, mindset or our inner compass. We hear others’ struggles and realizations and somehow find a reason to thank God.”, added by Ms. Lea T. Recomite, the Chief Finance Officer of iManila.

Having to conduct coaching sessions and team building through online spaces may be different but regardless of the lack of face-to-face interaction, many have found it to still be as helpful and as life-changing. What started out as an opportunity to offer assistance evolved into a distinct approach and a clearer reflection for the whole team of iManila. 

We’re so happy to have been able to help a team that has patiently helped us understand and move our business online and to our very own digital space. 

Whether you are a team, an organization, or an individual person thinking of what might be the next best step in the right direction, our coaches have the heart, breadth and depth of experience to determine what it would take to reach not only your intended outcomes, but to go beyond what you thought is always possible!

Coaching at its heart is about inspiring people to reach their fullest potential and that is what Haraya aims to do with every session and every project. With Haraya, we believe you can. Learn more about us and visit our website at

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