Cariz Peregrino

Despite being limited to online training sessions nowadays, Haraya’s program effectively catered to the needs of our volunteers for the OVP Community Learning Hubs (OCLH).

Our coaching sessions with Haraya started with the importance of self-care. It progressed to finding your why, and finally, a discussion on the benefits of being aware of your emotions.

These sessions were a breath of fresh air. While the sessions comprise just a small percentage of our whole onboarding process, these were matters that gave value to the often-overlooked aspects of one’s self. These were essential in promoting the welfare of our volunteers.

When you’re onto something, you’ve got to give it everything you have; else, what are you doing? We bumped into this phrase every so often, and with Haraya Coaching, we may have just found the response. We are more than grateful.

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