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Pat Mallari

I came to Jackie scattered in pieces coming from a difficult breakup. Talking a lot about pain, grief and self-blame. What I appreciate about our coaching journey is that more than just moving forward with the breakup, I recovered a huge part of myself that is valuable and whole. Throughout the process she was intently listening not questioning my feelings but really acknowledging them and being patient with me in my progress. Not forcing me to take immediate steps but when my own timing and will feels right. I started with real blocks of my view how to move forward from guilt to joy in dating again. I couldn’t see past guilt! Then she asked a genuine and powerful question of “what if it’s not joy right away? what would be the initial stages look like?” It was so simple but it totally unblocked my hazy view to seeing some light, though squinting but progressing. Now, I can truly say that I have a healthy relationship with grief that it is nothing to be ashamed of but to be embraced. My focus shifted from regret to gratitude as I remind myself of who I am; from self-judgment to self-curiosity as I grow in this area of life. 

Thank you so much Jackie for being my light in those dark moments. I couldn’t imagine getting past that stage gracefully if not for our coaching sessions. May you bless more people with your gift!

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