Our Why and How
We are Haraya Coaching

Our journey began when a group of experienced management, people development, operations and wellness leaders saw the struggle of many organizations and individuals. We came together passionate and determined to help people rise above their challenges so they can meet their strategic goals, fulfill their highest potential, and see through their best outcomes.

Since then, Haraya Coaching has built partnerships with over 90 business customers and close to 600 coaching clients, borne out of a deep understanding of every single team and individual we have ever had the privilege of meeting. We take pride in designing and providing relevant programs best suited for a diverse set of people, at every phase of their transformation – from sustainable learning programs, robust leadership development practices to team and culture dynamics approaches.

What started out as an opportunity to offer practical solutions and tools evolved into a distinct approach and a clearer reflection of who we are, with coaching at the heart of our practice.

Today, we are a group of more than 40 coaches strong, rich in perspective, years of service and leadership across various industries and backgrounds. We have stories to tell but we are more interested to hear yours.

Whether you are a team, an organization, a person thinking of what might be the next best step in the right direction, our coaches have the heart, breadth and depth of experience to determine what it would take to reach not only your intended outcomes, but to go beyond what you thought was possible.

Be your imaginable.


We see a world where every Filipino has a Ka-Haraya and everyone can BE THEIR IMAGINABLE!

Our Values

We are driven and deeply rooted in our values:

Honoring who you are.
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Every person and organization have their own unique strengths, values and capabilities. We believe in harnessing these to allow our clients and partners to thrive and ultimately add more value to their communities and environment.
Creating with you, not for you.
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We partner closely with our clients in defining success, gaining a deeper awareness of what’s most important to them and co-creating a customized approach. We also believe that true collaboration entails seeing our clients through to execution of their plans by establishing a strong follow-up process.
Going beyond what’s there.
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We acknowledge that every person is whole and has personal as well as professional aspects of their life. By allowing them to define their wholeness and balance they become more productive overall. We go beneath the surface and unearth what truly matters.
Coaching within your reach.
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We are certain about the positive impact that coaching can have and want to make this more and more accessible to organizations and individuals.
Living what we believe.
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We only apply concepts in our work that we truly believe, and we strive to practice these beliefs in our own lives and teams. We dream of a world where everyone lives a more purposeful and fulfilled life, and this is precisely why we love having the opportunity to truly transform culture, lives and communities through our clients.
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