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  • Looking to take your leaders, your teams, your organization to the next level?
    Interested in igniting your teams productivity, engagement and drive towards results?
    Noticing an emerging desire to focus on the evolution of your company’s culture and leadership?

    Talk to us and find out how a customized and targeted coaching program can help.

    At Haraya we partner closely with our corporate clients to co-create the best possible coaching solution for your requested need. Haraya’s approach to partnering happens through three key phases:



    Collaborative Conversations
    Envisioning Target Outcomes



    Development of Standards & Process
    Workshop Design



    Workshop Facilitation
    Learning Sessions
    Knowledge and Technology Transfer
    Group or Individual Coaching

  • What makes you come alive?
    What would be possible if you could find courage amidst your fear?
    What does success look like? What gives you a sense of balance?

    We are all works-in-progress and continue to grow and develop regardless of what stage we are in our lives and our careers. If this is what you believe, then this program is for you.

    Our signature Haraya Coaching program is a customized one-on-one coaching program designed to help individuals BE their imaginable and at the same time enjoy the learning process with a partner they trust.

    While it is easy to say that we want to grow, change, improve or just be more of who we are, it is not always easy to act upon it, to know where to start, or what to focus on. Sometimes we don’t even see our own strengths or know what is important to us until it is reflected back. A coach acts as a mirror, a partner, and an invaluable resource to help draw out what’s most meaningful to you, draw out your desired actions and hold you accountable to the path and commitments you set out for yourself.

    So, what’s stopping you? Get in touch and speak with one of our certified coaches to work out what the best program is for you!

  • Are you ready to become a Certified Transformative Coach?

    Perhaps you had a great experience with one of our Coaches, or maybe you are interested in a career change or adding a new skills set or you may have a passion for people and professional coaching piqued your curiosity.

    You have come to the right place! Haraya Coaching is the main partner in the Philippines of Coach Masters Academy (CMA), a global coaching academy based in Singapore..

    We’ve been developing coaching talent together since 2015 through the delivery of our signature International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training program: Transformative Coaching.

    While there are many coaching methodologies, our program goes beyond the tactical problem-solving approach to coaching and offers a transformative approach through our proprietary framework called Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation™ enabling sustainable change. We have an ever growing community of CMA coaches locally and an even bigger growing community globally.

    In Manila we offer the first level training: Core Training for Professional Coaching: Transformative Coaching. This includes a 4-day face-to-face training followed by 10 online practical coaching sessions. Once you have completed the training and fulfilled all of the requirements you will graduate as a Certified Coach Masters Academy Transformative Coach.

    For more information, please visit our global website at: https://www.coachmastersacademy.com/

  • Are you running a small business and need support for yourself or your team?
    Have you just set up a new business and going through the overwhelm of startup life?
    Want to level up and develop your team members and leadership?

    Reach out to us for your business coaching needs. We believe that starting a business or running a small business is one of the most rewarding activities a person can do. You get to work on your passion and earn from it, and at the same time we recognize that this is no easy task.

    Having a dedicated coach or building a structured coaching and mentoring program to support your team will be a huge advantage for the growth of your business and for your own and your teams’ effectiveness.

    Some examples of programs where Haraya has had proven success are supporting family-owned business work through their team dynamics, helping small businesses set purpose, vision and goals, providing team coaching and 1:1 coaching to staff and leaders and helping partnerships leverage their differences and strengths more effectively.

    Haraya also provides learning and mentoring modules on topics of to support growing your business.

    Get in touch with us to talk about your unique needs and we will customize a unique program for your business and teams.

  • Looking for someone to speak at your next event?

    Our Haraya Coaches’ speaking approach is dynamic, reflective and inviting. We speak from the heart, from experience and with the intent to share, inspire and ignite action.

    Some of our key talks are:

    • Be Your Imaginable
    • Thrive with Purpose
    • Courage, Compassion and Coaching: Why and How they work
    • Finding Joy in Tragedy: Harnessing our strengths to face adversity

    Get in touch with us to discuss your speaking needs and we will match one of our Coaches to your request.

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